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Plok EP (The Leprosy Effect)

by Jimmy & Bimmy

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After beating the crap out of every living soul in River City, Jimmy and Bimmy head to Cotton Island for a well-deserved vacation. Sunshine, beer and cancer-tanned babes. But wait, what the hell?!
Gigantic, angry fleas start emerging from every corner of the island the second they arrive. And they mean business. This is not what the travel agency had promised them!
Soon after, flea limbs and teeth (???) start exploding into every direction as the two go about their usual business and do what they do best (unless they are too drunk from drinking jolt cola). They fend off wave after wave, kicking and punching the lights out of every ugly creep stupid enough to get too close to their fists of fury, but the buggers just keep on pouring out of the sands. Just as Jimmy and Bimmy are trying to imagine what retreat would feel like, a mysterious figure appears on the scene.
Seemingly suffering from leprosy, this little red/yellow fella starts throwing his arms and legs at the waves of fleas at what must be the speed of light!

And just like that, a new alliance is formed. Oh, and Marian is still a dumb bitch (according to Bimmy).


released October 28, 2012

Original music by Tim Follin and Geoff Follin. Developed by Software Creations.




Jimmy & Bimmy Netherlands

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Track Name: Beach Noise (Beat 'em good!)
Down, down-right, right, punch!
Track Name: Palettes of Acrylic
Forward, forward, down, forward, high punch!